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About Us

Jamii Jua Development Company is a property development company dedicated to developing iconic and sustainable projects that bridge the current gap between demand and supply facing the housing market.

Our mission is to provide affordable yet luxurious housing. Our team of highly experienced professionals are dedicated to creating high-quality housing projects to give members of the community an opportunity to own a home they can proudly call their own.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our use of innovative materials, efficient design, and a dedication to customer service. Our team works hard to ensure that the process of owning a home is stress-free for our clients and that all of their expectations are met. We also strive towards sustainable housing solutions in our projects by incorporating energy-saving materials and energy-efficient designs. This helps us to ensure that our customers not only get a beautiful and durable home but also one that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Our Mission

Building with passion – Bridge the gap between demand and supply for housing by creating luxury homes at affordable prices.

Our Vision

To build a world where every home is a place of beauty and dignity.

About us - Jamii Jua

Company Leadership

Mehraz Ehsani

Lead Architect,Developer, Director

Aram Laloui

Sales, Communications, Director

Alfred Mango

Architect, Contractor, Director